CoQ10 Supplements for Cellular Energy

CoQ10 fueling cellular energy for health & longevity

Our CoQ10 supplements offer potent antioxidative support for heart health and create internal combustion, turning fuel into real energy. The traditional form of CoQ10, ubiquinone, is difficult for your body to absorb, but our ubiquinol form absorbs up to eight times better.

4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Take Our CoQ10 Supplements

  • Provides potent cardiovascular health support
  • Promotes healthy cellular-level energy production
  • Delivers vitality to workhorse organs like the heart, brain & kidneys
  • Offers powerful antioxidant support

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Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with PQQ. 100 mg, 30 softgels - Life Extension
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Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with PQQ

Triple-action heart health & cellular energy support

100 mg, 30 softgels


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The world of supplements can be confusing. At Life Extension, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the tools they need to make important health decisions. So, let’s delve into ubiquinol and ubiquinone so you can determine which form is right for your body and budget.


Due to the water-soluble properties of ubiquinol, this form of CoQ10 is easily absorbed by the body. But our ubiquinol absorbs up to eight times better than traditional ubiquinone. Our CoQ10 products with ubiquinol are based on innovative longevity and cellular energy science and research that combines heart health with energy production.

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Our first CoQ10 family to hit the market is still a strong seller. While less expensive than the ubiquinol family, ubiquinone is as well-absorbed as this form of CoQ10 can be. Our ubiquinone CoQ10s are made with an orange peel oil compound called d-Limonene that improves CoQ10 absorption.

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Our ubiquinol CoQ10 products are better absorbed than traditional ubiquinone, which means the body actually gets more of CoQ10’s health benefits. Unfortunately, CoQ10 levels in our bodies decline over time. LE supplements like CoQ10 with ubiquinol help alleviate the decline in CoQ10 levels and are therefore at the very foundation of living well.

Triple-action heart health & cellular energy support

100 mg, 30 softgels
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Why take CoQ10 with PQQ? Our Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with PQQ provides benefits like triple-action heart health support with three key nutrients that boost energy production at the cellular level.

Ultra-absorbable CoQ10 benefits cell energy, heart & brain health

  • 100 mg 30 softgels
  • 100 mg 60 softgels
  • 200 mg 30 softgels
  • 50 mg 100 softgels
  • 50 mg 30 softgels
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Our patented ubiquinol is highly bioavailable, which means it’s easy for the body to absorb. Combined with PrimaVie® shilajit the rate of absorption increases to help promote the body’s youthful cellular energy production.

Highly bioavailable, heart-healthy CoQ10 benefits

100 mg, 60 softgels
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Find lots of heart-healthy CoQ10 benefits in our patented ubiquinol, which is highly bioavailable, or easy to absorb, and it stays in the body longer than the conventional ubiquinone form of CoQ10.

For traditionalists who are looking for a more affordable alternative to those products found in the ubiquinol family, our ubiquinone promotes healthy cellular-level energy production and is a foundational element to whole-body wellness.

Promotes heart health & healthy brain function

  • 100 mg 60 softgels
  • 50 mg 60 softgels
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Our Super-Absorbable CoQ10 (Ubiquinone) with d-Limonene supports heart and brain health with the added absorbable power of limonene.

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What are the benefits of CoQ10?

If you're wondering what CoQ10 is good for, you're not alone. CoQ10, which is short for coenzyme Q10, is a naturally occurring antioxidant that protects your body on a cellular level from free radicals and oxidative stress. Most notably, it benefits the heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas. Our bodies produce CoQ10 within the mitochondria of your cells; it serves to convert fats and sugars into cellular energy.

Unfortunately, though, the normal production of CoQ10 declines as you age, which means it will be more difficult for your body to have the cellular energy it needs for essential functions. CoQ10 can be found in high quality protein sources, like lean meat and fish, as well as in healthy fats—but, even if you eat these foods consistently, it may be hard to get sufficient CoQ10 from diet alone. That's why it is important to look for a quality CoQ10 supplement to help protect and support your cellular energy as you age.

Who should take CoQ10 supplements?

Your doctor may recommend CoQ10, especially as you age. In addition, if you want to encourage healthy energy levels, CoQ10 might just be the supplement for you. Adding CoQ10 into your wellness routine helps support cardiovascular health and provides powerful antioxidant support to your heart brain and kidneys. Routine and dedicated use of CoQ10 vitamins also has been shown to help support blood pressure levels already within a normal range.

When should you take CoQ10: morning or night?

Take CoQ10 in the morning or afternoon to get the full benefits of this energizing supplement. Taking this dietary supplement at night may cause a restless night's sleep. If you are taking other medications or supplements, it is important to speak with your doctor first to ensure there's not a risk of an adverse reaction.

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