Joint Health: Move Freely & Comfortably

Joint Health: Move Freely & Comfortably

Comfortable movement is something the young often take for granted—but as we get older, we realize how much our happiness rests on our knees, shoulders and other joints. So how do we keep our joints healthy? A healthy lifestyle is key. And, supplementing with nutrients that support healthy cartilage, encourage comfortable movement and promote a healthy inflammatory response will all help maintain your youthful joint health.

Here are our top 3 tips for healthy, comfortable joints.

  1. Stay active to support joint health

    There's a reason you start to feel stiff when you sit for too long; your joints rely on movement to stay healthy. Keep active, particularly as you age, and if you get injured, seek out ways to return to regular movement safely.

  2. Eat your way to healthy joints

    Supporting a healthy inflammatory response is essential to maintaining joint health—and fortunately, your diet can make a big difference. Focus on healthy fats, protein, leafy greens, fruits and other complex carbohydrates. Also consider whether you're eating foods that make it easy to maintain a healthy weight.

  3. Take supplements for bone & joint health

    You can support your body's healthy inflammatory response with a smart supplement strategy. Choose nutrients like glucosamine, collagen, Chinese skullcap and white mulberry.

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General Joint Health

Healthy exercise and focused nutrition can support joint health, helping to maintain joint function.

Joint Health Information & Research

How can you keep your joints healthy as you age?

The joints rely upon movement to receive their nourishment, so safe exercise is a great way to keep them healthy. Supplementation with glucosamine and chondroitin, which are components of cartilage, can also provide the joints with nutritional support during aging. Fish or krill oil containing high amounts of EPA and DHA, Boswellia serrata, S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), MSM, bromelain, curcumin, ginger, Chinese skullcap, white mulberry and cutch tree are other supplements that can help maintain joint health.

What eases joint discomfort?

Promoting a healthy inflammatory response is important to maintain joint health. The botanical combination of Chinese skullcap, white mulberry and cutch tree helps promote a healthy inflammatory response. If the discomfort persists, a medical specialist can help address your concerns.

How does glucosamine help support joint health?

Glucosamine is a component of compounds called glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans, which help support optimal cartilage health, providing it with flexibility and resilience. Research suggests that glucosamine may support healthy cartilage integrity by supporting the synthesis of cartilage structural components. Glucosamine also plays a role in maintaining joint lubrication.

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